Frequently Asked Questions

This program sounds "too good to be true!" What's the catch?
There is no catch. Our philosophy is based on the concept of "no surprises." Just print your items with us and our Price Protection Policy will ensure that you save at least 10% PER ITEM. Plus, you can enjoy all the additional benefits at no additional cost.

How can RPM offer all these services AND save me money?
It's simple. We work with over 60 banks and credit unions and leverage this purchasing power.

How is RPM different from a printer?
First, we can provide any printed product - we're not limited by equipment, capacity or production schedules. Second, we are all about service…not just a printed product. Sure, we stand behind everything we print, but we ultimately distinguish ourselves by the services and benefits we provide to our customers at no additional cost.

Does RPM require a contract?
No. We believe in the strength of relationships. We are confident in our products, and level of service so we don't need to hide behind a contract.

Is it difficult to implement RPM's program?
No. We manage all the details so you don't have to.